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Jumat, 19 November 2010

How to draw Manga

Do you want to learn how to draw manga? Manga, or Japanese comics, have migrated across the world. They are the precursors to anime and are a growing influence in various genres of modern art. With a little patience, a willingness to experiment, and a few simple tools, you can learn how to draw manga. Depending on the subject you are drawing, manga sketches can require a certain degree of attention to detail. They range in skill level from basic to advanced. Before attempting to draw elaborate scenes and portraits, it is important to first learn the basics because that is the foundation for advanced manga capabilities.

Manga originates from a Japanese word meaning whimsical or impromptu. Japanese born manga is written from top to bottom and right to left (mirroring the reading pattern of the Japanese written language). Some manga publications, which are translated into English, keep this format, but others flip the pages to be read from left to right. This (sometimes controversial) practice is known as flipping.

Unlike American comics, Japanese manga covers a broad range of subjects such as action, sci-fi, horror, romance, business, sports and historical drama. The three broad categories that manga falls into are shojo manga (for girls between 10 and 18), shonen manga (for boys between 10 and 18) and seinen manga (for men between 18 and 30).

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